Top 18 best Personal Branding Examples to Learn from

Learn from a few of the best Personal Brand examples covered in the article.


Success is often built on strong personal branding because it immediately lets us know who a person is and what they are best at.


Personal branding isn’t limited to only those in the public sphere—regardless of who you are, you can share your skills and talents with the world. We have compiled a list of excellent examples of well-defined personal brands that would inspire you.

1. Elon Musk

One of the most popular and influential personal brands out there is Elon Musk. His brand is as well-known as Coca-Cola.

Even if you’ve no interest in technology, it’s hard to not come across his name.

Elon Musk is a public figure, and therefore very much subject to criticism for his public statements.

His desire to spend money on something and make it successful is seen as unreasonable, while his publicity stunts like shooting a Tesla into space give the appearance of being more about self-promotion than science. Regardless of how viewers feel about Elon Musk, nobody can deny that because of his drive and zeal the tech inventions we’ve seen that are yet to be invented and the whole universe whose mysteries are left to discover.


Even though he is in the public domain, Elon Musk’s face is absent from Tesla’s website. Instead, what you see are top-notch products and crystal clear copy. Behind this marvel of modern technology are extensive research, development and a team of brilliant engineers that he selected. This can be said to reveal his personal touch in everything you will see on Tesla’s website.


SpaceX Brand

2. Gary Vaynerchuk

While there is no divine intervention, Gary Vaynerchuk has done an exceptional job of turning his family store into an e-commerce empire. The success he’s had has given hope to everyone with entrepreneurial aspirations.


Gary Vaynerchuk is an influencer and celebrity with humble beginnings and a connection to his roots through hard work and dedication, which highlights his authenticity and self-determination. Gary is also the co-founder of VaynerMedia.


Your personal brand should be just as recognizable. It’s the reason we reach for brand name products in the grocery – we know what to expect and reap the rewards of an already guaranteed product with refined qualities. Your brand should have an established identity.

3. Charli Marie

Here is another great personal branding example. After being in love with the band Fall Out Boy, graphic designer Charli Marie started a Tumblr dedicated to them. This was an outlet to share her fandom and connect with other like-minded people. Her fandom on Tumblr led to a t-shirt brand of her own as well.


Charlie Frame’s essay describes her journey as a designer, with the tale of how she started a t-shirt company and the subsequent fall. Frame frames this turning point as an important step in her creative process — you never know what opportunities could come out of your favourite pop-punk band having their own fan page on Tumblr.


Charli is an example of how success can happen in different ways. After working remotely for years, she has made a life for herself full of travel and fun. She even hosts a successful YouTube channel that promotes design skills, her positive personality, and an upbeat outlook Here on the world.

4. Alice Thorpe

On her YouTube, Alice Thorpe introduces herself as a freelance graphic designer stumbling through life one pixel at a time. 


She produces content related to designing on her YouTube channel and website. This brand of hers is casual and funny, making it easy to watch her informative yet entertaining videos and blog posts.


One way your brand speaks to its audience is through brand voice. Alice does a great job at keeping her personality authentic and consistent in all of her content. Your brand voice should be honest and true to who you are.


Alice Thorpe personal Brand

5. Nesha Woolery


Nesha Woolery Personal Brand


Nesha Woolery speaks directly to the audience she hopes to reach, as she greets visitors as ‘’Hey designer lady’’.

She specializes in project management and creates videos, articles, and online courses for female designers. Her site looks elegant with light colours and a breezy design that complements her personal brand aesthetic.

6. XO Pixel

XO Pixel creates content about design, code, and tech which is original and creative with well-informed information. Their blog is proof of the value they provide and the benefits of becoming a paid member.


Branding isn’t just superficial, and XO Pixel proves that they have a substance by providing quality work.

7. Bill Nye

Bill Nye is an American comedian and actor who believes in increasing appreciation and awareness of science. He is not only known for his skills as an entertainer but also for his enthusiasm for a reason and objective thinking.


His role on TV has shown him to be a confident, goofy, and knowledgeable nerd who is trusted as an expert. He came about acting like a nerdy person due to his engineering skills working on an energetic TV show.


While his website is mainly used for the promotion of his books and online store, the majority of content is science-related and can be understood by people without any experience in science as well.

8. Brian Dean

With so many strange theories in SEO, it’s hard to know who to believe. Many practitioners claim that they can increase web traffic by a lot.


Brian Dean is a well-known internet blogger, who consistently posts content relevant to his audience, is the go-to guy for SEO and has built trust with his personal brand.

9. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a globally renowned financial self-help professional with a constantly evolving, expressive brand. With his vast number of books, seminars and other content, it would be hard to find anyone unfamiliar with Tony Robbins in this field.


If you don’t follow him on social media, it is possible that his past image still comes to mind. The 1990s picture of Tony walking over hot coals might come to mind. However, the new Tony isn’t a screaming self-help guru in front of adoring fans, but a professional financial teacher for the current climate.


Tony looks more like someone who is working in tech than a self-empowerment blogger. Mirroring the site’s dark colour scheme, Tony comes out as sophisticated and professional, with a button down shirt and knowing grin that downplays his smile. Tony’s blog showcases a personal brand that’s contemporary and relevant.


Tony Robbins Personal Brand

10. Melyssa Griffin

Melyssa Griffin’s mission is to help high-achieving entrepreneurs grow their income and impact online. She appeals to entrepreneurial aspirations and connects with them on an emotional level.


Her About page emphasizes her personal brand with, “I believe you deserve happiness, respect, and love. And I’m determined to give you the tools to create those feelings in every crevice and cranny of your existence.” She delivers on this message with expertise and spunk woven into her quality content.


She’s also a great example of a personal brand that has grown through a blog.

11. Shaun White

By the time Shaun White was 7 years old, he was sponsored by Burton Snowboards. He’s remained on the cusp of innovation throughout his career, fusing skateboarding and snowboarding into new styles with decades of winning. His time twisting in the air has brought him countless victories at the X Games and Olympic Games. 


His brand is about going higher and faster than anyone else. He thrives on competition and the desire to win. His website delivers content that his fans are thrilled to watch, such as stunts he pulled off during competitions or footage of gravity-defying feats.

12. Tim Ferriss

Tim Feriss made a name for himself as the author of The 4-Hour Work Week, where he advocates what many see as the smarter approach to employment, where people take a more subversive stance against traditional rules and blaze their own path to success.


Even for those people who don’t like to believe in a four-hour workweek, there’s a lot of timeless wisdom to learn from him.


Tim has positioned himself as both teacher and a leader. He also runs The Tim Ferriss Show – an exceptional podcast for personal growth and business achievement.

13. Roberto Blake

 For Roberto Blake, entrepreneurship comes naturally as he runs his own media agency and has published over a thousand videos. Mr Blake developed a curriculum to help those who are driven by creativity and independence so that they can achieve their goals more efficiently.


With his site design full of personality, intelligence, and creativity, his content inspires everyone to build a career out of their true passion.

14. Martha Stewart

With a sense of elegance and refinement, Martha Stewart’s brand touches on so many different pursuits.


She’s an exquisite cook, has an eye for interior design, and provides meaningful insights into gardening. There is consistency in what comes out of her whether it’s a recipe for chicken pasta or the palette of paint colours she creates – subtlety and sophistication are a part of everything she makes.


Martha’s blog is full of content relating to lifestyle-related topics, and her brand remains strong today. While some people may be putting less effort into their website compared to other more established brands, Martha does the opposite.

15. Casey Neistat

A lack of conventional website layout can serve as the proverbial sign that Casey has no intention of being like everyone else. His website’s main purpose is to redirect you to other important places.


Casey Neistat has over 11 million YouTube subscribers and is receiving praise from big-name outlets such as Forbes. His personality of rebellion can be seen in his videos, he is driven by instinct and intelligence. He’s a vlogger and also founded a media company Beme.


He’s successful despite the haters because he believes in what’s important and is willing to go after it. He encourages his audience to be relentless in following their dreams, even when they face negative criticism along the way.

16. Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling have established herself as a comedian that pokes holes in societal norms and criticizes Hollywood and societal norms. She’s also a writer, actor, and producer who is intertwined with multiple facets of her identity.


Since there are so many aspects to what make Mindy compelling and special, her brand offers a clear idea of who she is and what matters to her

17. Satori Graphics

Derrick Mitchell, the guy from Satori Graphics, has shown that he is thinking about design from a future perspective rather than being stuck with a concept of outdated practices.


Satori Graphics is developing a modern, stylized design approach that’s practical and consistent. They don’t sacrifice their ability to be creative with content or design. The trailer video of his YouTube channel shows the edits and designs they’re capable of.


Satori Graphics Personal Branding

18. Billie Eilish

Remember when the pop starts were simple?

I feel like this Gen Xer has developed a sense of what makes for good music. This appreciation for Billie Eilish is proof of that.


Billie Eilish is confident, courteous, and high spirited. She can be infuriatingly awkward one moment and then likable the next. The singer is experimental in some of her music yet still stays within the lines of pop. Billie Eilish is complicated to understand like her music.


Her official website leads you into a 360 animation of what could be her bedroom. It feels like the living space of a teenager from another dimension, with cartoon-like drawings on the wall, sneakers and a skull.


Her personal brand is also reflected in her music and aesthetic, almost like an anti-brand which makes her music and her personality unique.



Marketing your Personal Brand

Practising your own personal brand may mean nothing to you, but the results can be worthwhile. Whether it is a portfolio, blog, or dating profile, you are telling the world all about yourself with this idea. 

You might as well amplify all that’s awesome about yourself, and build your personal brand about your strengths. 

Be authentic and transparent — show all those interesting things you have to offer.

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