Best Free Logo Maker Online and Why it doesn't it work for all?

Are you looking to create your own logo using a Free Loger Maker Online. Designing a logo can be expensive, so you’ll want to try and make it yourself using one of the free logo makers available online.

Logo makers offer you premade logos that are often generic. They offer you no creativity and you have to stick with whatever options the software produces.

Remember that a free logo maker won’t be enough if you want to make your brand stand out.

Therefore, you need to have a logo that is easy to remember, relevant for your business and unique among other logos. Your company would benefit from having a one-of-a-kind custom designed logo and guess what? We at Designoye would be happy to do it for you.

Hiring a design agency, freelancer or launching a design contest can be quite an expensive affair for start-ups and small businesses.

Top 13 Free Logo Makers Online

  1. PlaceIt Logo Creator

  2. Adobe Spark Logo Generator

  3. Shopify Free Logo Maker

  4. Canva Free Online Logo Generator

  5. Wix Online Logo Maker

  6. Squarespace Free Logo Creator

  7. Zyro Free Logo Maker

  8. TailorBrands Free Logo Design Tool

  9. NameCheap Logo Maker

  10. Fiverr Online Free Logo Creator

  11. Looka Free Logo Maker

  12. DesignEvo Online Logo Maker

  13. TurboLogo Free Logo Generator

Design tools that run in the browser are easy to access and they allow you to create a logo without any limitations.

There are plenty of free-to-use services that offer high-quality logos.

I wouldn’t recommend you use a logo maker program, but feel free to try it.

Before you begin by exploring different tools, let me remind you that all logo makers are different in their own way. They come with unique features and interfaces.

Different companies offer different products with varying prices.

Which Logo Design Tool to Select and Why?

Designers need to use more extensive, sophisticated software, such that they have full control over the design. This software can be expensive sometimes and difficult to learn.

If you’re ready with your logo idea, you may go ahead and start designing, using the following free logo makers,


Placeit’s logo maker is easy to use and anyone can make a logo with it in just a few clicks.

Placeit Reviews – A Logo Maker That’s Actually Free of Cost!

They have pre-made logo templates with a library of over 20,000 different logos.

There are many different styles to choose from for a logo design.

Creating a customized logo is easy, you just add your brand name and modify the colours and layout.

Placeit provides different templates of mockups to design custom logos, websites and social media.


I recommend using the free logo maker on Adobe since they have one of the best creative softwares out there.

Adobe Spark has a unique feature that suggests creative editing styles and this can help you create a logo.

How to make a logo in Adobe Spark, the quickest and easiest method -Enter your company name first, and spin the wheel to select different designs. You also have the option to customize further.

With the free logo creator tool from the website, you can customize your logo with just a couple of mouse clicks.

‍Adobe Spark logo creator gets you really hooked up with hundreds of professional-designed templates.

A unique aspect of Logo Maker is that you can edit and tweak a variety of templates. Search for a template based on mood, colours, or tasks.

Once you have chosen a graphic, you may customize it further in the editor.


The third choice on my list is Shopify’s logo maker. If you are also building a eCommerce store, this is a great choice.

You can use the Shopify logo maker to create the perfect logo with many different fonts, icons, and frames.

Adjust the parameters of the design and you’ll end up with a design that can represent your brand well.

With such a user-friendly DIY logo maker, you can choose from modern fonts, icons, frames of your choice.

You can customize the details to adjust to your brand.

Once you’re finished and are satisfied, make the payment and you own it.


Canva’s logo maker can help anyone create a unique visual brand. You don’t need to have a designing experience to do this.

Canva has the most versatile logo maker (great for social media).

There is a selection of templates to choose from, whichever one you select will automatically be used on the site.

In Canva, all of your custom graphics are free. You can upload your own images, or choose any from the library.

Canva allows you to choose between a wide range of styles that are sure to match your taste. After this is done, you can just change the name and place your logo on it!

The logo creator also lets you use your logo for creating branded content for social media.


Working on the Wix logo generator is similar to swiping left or right on Tinder – just swipe right to choose the style you like.

With Wix’s advanced AI, you can generate logos based on your personalized tastes.

When you’re done, you can edit the logo and make final edits or just repeat the process to create something new.

If you are looking for a platform for design and web development, try Wix.

The editor is really easy to use; you can also see how your logo would look on a website with their visualization tool.

You can purchase a high-quality logo file for a nominal fee. This file comes with full commercial usage rights.


Squarespace also offers an online logo design too for creating logos. With it, one can easily see their logo printed on various formats, such as on business cards, websites and t-shirts.

Squarespace logo maker is not as robust as other logo generators, but it does its work swiftly.

Select a symbol and typeface, add colours and of course the name of your business.

Using Squarespace, you can create a logo in seconds that is both simple and professional.

Squarespace logo maker makes it possible to generate a new logo instantly. It provides a simple way to test how your new logo will look on your website, on business cards, and on t-shirts.


With the Zyro logo creator, you can quickly create a new logo with just one click.

According to me, the graphic design app Zyro is superior to other free logo makers.

The best part is Zyro is totally free to use, directly download your logo to use it.

In 3 simple steps, you’ll get logo design options.

  1. Choose a starter logo
  2. Choose the right colour
  3. Choose a preferred shape

You can choose the colours and logo you want, and it will generate other variations.

TailorBrands is an AI-powered logo creator that provides users with colour palettes and graphics as templates.

With no design experience necessary, you can make your company recognizable with professional branding assets. Their free tools don’t ignore anything.

Which logo style is best for you?

  1. Icon Based
  2. Name Based
  3. Initial Based

Search for your desired shape or icon, select your favourite typeface style, and choose the colour palette.

TailorBrands’s logo maker allows you to quickly create hundreds of different design templates in a few seconds. Pick one and customize it to suit your needs.


NameCheap’s logo generator will help you create a quality, easy-to-read logo. Namecheap cater to the needs of entrepreneurs.

NameCheap logo maker includes an option to create stationery mockups.

It helps you find the right fonts, colours, and icons for your logo by seeing them on real applications.

Different templates can be selected by using the designed wizard in their DIY tool.

One of the best features of Logo Maker is the ability to see a mockup of your logo in action. You can visualize it on social media or on the outside of a building.

If you are pleased with your logo, download the vector file or start using it for other projects with their design tools.


Fiverr can make it easy to create logos when you need them.

Fiverr’s logo maker is a great option if you’re looking for the final touch of a designer.

You can change the icon size, and font, and add your logo. They’ll review the design for you and polish it up, too.

The DIY logo generator lets you create many variations of a logo in just a few clicks.

To start, you need to enter the name of your company and select a logo design.

The final touches will be done by your online logo generator or you can hire a designer from DesignOye to tweak it.


With a logo maker like Looka Logo Maker, you get the best of both worlds. You can have AI create your logo for you by looking at your personal preferences and tastes

Plugin your business name, select an industry and then pick the design that you like best. AI will generate many different logos for you to choose from.

You will be able to put in fonts, colours, and layouts to make sure that you get exactly what you want.

You can edit, save and reuse your work at any time.

With an AI logo maker, you are given everything that a graphic designer would provide you with including vector and raster files.


DesignEvo’s Logo Maker Has the Most Useful Resources Out of All.

With DesignEvo, you have 10,000 logo templates to choose from with 100,000 icons and more.

Even if you don’t have design expertise, a small budget to hire a designer would be a great choice for you.

There are many templates from DesignEvo to choose from. You can customize the text and icons, replacing them with your text and iconography.

With DesignEvo, you can use it to create logos for a variety of purposes. It also lets you preview how it will look in a variety of places.

So you don’t have to guess how it will look when printed, it saves time.

Create your logo with the ease of a few clicks using the Logo Maker. This AI generates and downloads high-quality logo files in multiple formats, including SVG, PNG, JPG, and PDF.


Turbologo is a very intuitive logo design tool that will help you create the perfect logo fast with a database of templates, logos, images and graphics.

TurboLogo makes it easy to create logos.

Feel free to modify online logo templates created by professionals for your unique needs.

Some of the benefits of using Turbologo

  • It takes on average 30 minutes to create a logo.
  • With the help of a huge collection of graphics, you can take on any logo design
  • You may use the logo for your branding purpose, upload the logo to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or YouTube.

The benefits are clear: Just try it out and see what you can achieve in just a few minutes.

Why Logo Makers may not be a fit for all users?

Logos created by logo makers can not be customized and is limited to the options available with the online logo maker

The online logo design maker tools could be considered only if you’re tight on budget

Why do these online logo makers not suit everyone?

  1. Not original

Hundreds of logos can be generated with a logo maker, which is all generic and random.

A human designer can go beyond a few basic logo templates and shapes and design a unique personalized logo for you.

  1. Not Unique

If brands use the same templates, there is a chance that logos will be very similar.

This could hurt your branding as well

  1. Not professional

These online logo makers end up creating the same logos over and over again.

They are built with custom AI which comes with limitations, so they lack the touch of professionalism needed to communicate a company’s personality.

  1. Copyright issues

if you use a logo maker, it is more likely that you will encounter copyright infringement issues.

If a competitor uses a similar logo, they may be able to stop you from using it in the future if they get their trademark registered first.

  1. No customization

Professional designers usually create logos by designing from scratch and incorporating their original concepts into them.

Graphic designers who design logos understand the basics and latest trends of good designs


Consider hiring a professional designer before you create your logo.

Creative logo designers at Designoye have years of experience in designing custom logos. Our speciality is in all types of graphic design projects.

Our logos are just not logos, we transform your Business into a Brand.

Get started with not just logos but unlimited graphic designs on demand.

Check out our PLANS or request for a DEMO today

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