Design Requests

Yes, our designers ensure that the images, icons and fonts used in your designs are completely copyright free.

Yes, however you would need to provide us with instructions solely in English as well as the entire content of the project.

We suggest you contact your project manager or email support for the same. The delay could be caused due to a communication gap or perhaps your designer is awaiting more information.

Yes, our fonts are fully licensed or free to use.

You can contact your designer and project manager in discussions and/or via email support. Upon your request, the project manager is most likely to assign another well-qualified designer to work on your project and closely monitor the progress. We believe all our clients should receive exceptional value and a smooth experience when they depend on us for their projects.


Simply head to DASHBOARD LINK and log into your dashboard. Once you are a member with THE SITE, we’ll call you up and guide you on how to create your project, download files, provide revisions and even effectively communicate with the team working on your project.

All your projects can be found placed in order on your dashboard. You can rearrange them as you please via the menu found in the drop-down section of the project card. In case you are still having trouble rearranging your projects, simply contact your project manager or designer directly and they’ll have them placed as desired.

Yes, our online software allows you to create and manage projects for any number of brands or businesses you might run. THE SITE can be used for other businesses or even for your customers and clientele.

Refund Policy

You can carry out any one of the following:

  • Email support directly
  • Message your project manager
  • Use the ‘Contact support’ feature on the dashboard to request a cancelation


Unfortunately, we can offer you a refund only during the initial trial period and under certain circumstances, and not just due to inactivity of the account.

For now, we only accept a verified credit or debit card. Any other forms of payment like money transfer, check or Paypal are currently not accepted.

As we operate through a subscription model, a membership is required to receive the benefits of submitting design requests anytime and as often as you need.

Each cancellation request comes with a time stamp which indicates the exact time and date your request was submitted. You are eligible for a refund only if you were billed after that date. Please contact support for the same.