Social Media Graphics: Designs Tips for Blogs and Brands

Think you have a successful blog going on? Or perhaps a great-looking company social media page with loads of likes and fans that you’ve bought via ads? Well, you might want to think again! Sooner or later you’ll find yourself asking questions like, “My numbers are at a standstill… how do I increase my viewership?”, “My fans are dwindling… how do I keep my followers engaged in my content?”, “With stiff competition from my competitors, what can I do to stand out from the crowd?” Well, fret not! You’ve come to the right place!

In this article, ‘Social Media Graphics: Design Tips for Blogs and Brands’, we’ll take you through several insightful solutions that will get you back on track with your visitors and definitely this time, bigger and better than ever! This article also helps newbies who are looking to put those creative juices to good use and start a blog or perhaps engage their potential customers / clients via creative social media graphics. What’s more, if you are someone who wants to give your company socail media profiles or your blog a refreshed look by reinventing your brand via engaging social media graphics, go ahead and give these tips a go. The idea is to boost your brand by producing specialized content that’s unique and exclusive to what you’re selling while striving to stay true to your aesthetics.

Now, when you’re planning to
breathe life into your blog or brand’s social media page, here are some important
things you need to think of in order for your efforts to yield success.

For starters, the design element needs special attention. This includes :

  • The all-important logo that has to be snazzy enough for your fans and followers to instantaneously recall
  • Captivating blog post images that are bright and beautiful
  • Eye-catching infographics, clever and catchy headers, captivating Pinterest images, and other social media bells and whistles.
  • Additional trimmings could also include podcast-, youtube-, and ecommerce- specific graphics as well as books and eBook covers, thumbnail images, newsletters and merchandise.

Creation of unique content and custom images is the name of the game here. Captivating content is key if you want to grab the attention of your audience. And by content we mean both great visuals and interesting readable pieces that will linger longer than just a glance. For the same, you can garner inspiration from trending topics that are currently taking the world by storm. You can also focus on promoting your brand or choice of subject in different, innovative ways that will keep your viewers coming back for more. Remember, your visuals play a big part as their colors and images immediately grab eyeballs while the reader skims through your blog, social feed and your social media page. However, you won’t be able to do this with just plain old stock photos that are monotonous, dreary, repetitive and likely to be slapped almost everywhere you turn. You need to up your social media graphics game to include so much more as your fans would prefer to see interesting and captivating illustrations.

Have a gander at the list below that comprises of 9 interesting tips that will help you make the most of your visuals on your blog posts or social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

  • Choose bright, bold and vibrant images
    • Even if you have mind-blowing articles written across your blog or captivating captions on your social media pages, its stellar pictures that will really grab eyeballs first. Ditch the minimalist designs and use bright color schemes for your social media graphics.
  • Unique Images
    • Another thing that goes a long way with your audience is ‘originality’. The time and effort you take to create unique pieces that truly highlight your products or messages will definitely pay off when it captures the attention of potential buyers or customers of your services.
  • Adapt Icons
    • If there are complicated concepts you want to explain to your audience, then the use of striking icons against a bold-colored backdrop will definitely do the trick. They will not only help better portray your idea across but also be a soothing sight amongst the internet clutter.
  • Focus on Fonts
    • Not all pictures need text but if you require to add information on the image, make sure it’s done tastefully with typography that stands out. Use decorative fonts combined with icons to bring focus to your slogans or headlines.
  • Charts and Infographics
    • Data need not always be heavy on the eyes. You can beautify your cluttered information bits by using charts, graphs and infographics to help your audience better visualize your point in an easy and engaging way.
  • Customized GIFs
    • Break away from the tedium of static images and add a touch of animation to your blog or social media page by using customized GIFs and cinemographs. Maintain a competitive edge over the competition by changing things up with fun and relevant animation.
  • Branding
    • Make sure your social media graphics reflect your brand. Don’t forget to paint your illustrations with brand color schemes wherever possible and endow each one with your logo so that when your audience shares your photos, your brand follows and your unique style is recognized in your favor.
  • Stay Consistent
    • Although you could experiment a little at the beginning, your visual posts have to remain somewhat consistent. You need to settle on conforming to a certain look with your brand aesthetics. By adopting this coherence, your followers will better associate with a certain style that’s synonymous to you. It will even make it easier for your brand to be quickly spotted on their feed.
  • User-generated content
    • Often, it’s our customers that help popularize a brand or blog. Using picturesque user-generated content on your page will definitely get you some much-needed traction as well as help to grow your network of people who are loyal while attracting new admirers.

Many a times, even after diligently following all the aforementioned tips, coming up with eye-catching visuals can often leave even the pros stumped. Now you may think that in order to get all this going for you, you would have to shell out a lumpsum of moolah to hire a graphic designer who can deliver stellar artwork options within your time constraints. Not to mention they need to be experienced designers in order to deliver the best in the business.

They would also have to be available on the fly, ready to take up any last minute requirement that may come your way and finish them within 24-48 hours of your request. There may even be design and idea conflicts that may prove to be a setback rather than help in your time of need. Another factor to take into careful consideration is hidden costs that are bound to pop up over and above your fixed rate. Now we wouldn’t want that to eat through our already succinct sum that’s set aside for the marketing initiatives, would we?

All the concerns raised above are absolutely valid especially if you want to see a positive change in your brand or blog. The good news is that although these are all a necessity, the said services need not eat right through your pockets or break the bank. Of course, you can try doing all these by yourself but sometimes you need to call in the experts if you want to truly stand out. Professional designers like DesignOye are here to help you make your brand or blog great again by giving you a comprehensive set of stellar services at reasonable prices.

Why DesignOye?

Well, if you want a truly effective marketing strategy, you need to take complete advantage of online initiatives in order to create a well-rounded, multi-faceted approach. And what’s great is that DesignOye caters to all facets of marketing related to designs. You’ll get a professional graphic designer without having to adhere to contracts or meetings. What’s more, the fee you pay gives you unlimited graphic design services at a fraction of the cost you would pay for hiring a freelancer or a full time graphic designer. All you need to do is submit your design requests once you’ve logged in and even share feedback on the final results. You can do as many revisions as you like, and once you approve the final designs, source files in your preferred format will be delivered to you. This graphic design service is wrapped up nicely in one affordable bundle tagged at prices starting from $499 per month.


You can produce content that’s unique to your brand by combining all the tips mentioned above. And for those who have little or no design experience, or maybe not the right tools or resources at hand can always employ the help of experts like DesignOye. What’s more, not many out there are using great and consistent graphics to boost their social media pages or blogs so with you concentrating on this important aspect, you’ll surely get the advantage your blog / brand deserves.

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