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Are you looking to create a logo for your brand by combining the pictures and text together and failing miserably at it and now on a lookout to find and hire a freelance graphic designer online? Surely, no one can get his/her business promoted without having an attractive logo or marketing collaterals for the brand. All you have to do is hire freelance graphic designers online who can give you a surprising and awe-inspiring designs to attract the targeted audience towards your brand.

The question, however, that the majority of businesses ask is, how and where to find the right freelance graphic designer for their brand? Here is a list of some of the best platforms to hire freelance graphic designers online. In this article, we have included all the avenues you could explore to hire freelance graphic designers online

List of Reliable Platforms To Hire Freelance Graphic Designers Online:

  • DesignOye
  • Fiverr
  • Upwork
  • Toptal
  • 99designs
  • Freelancer
  • Guru
  • Dribbble


There is definitely a bias here ūüôā but we‚Äôre sure once you try us out, you will never look at freelancing websites for your graphic design requirements. Why hire a freelancer when you can get your own remote design assistant at a fixed monthly cost

With, clients can get their own on-demand graphic design team for as low as $369 per month. Unlimited Brands, Unlimited Revisions, One flat fee, No hidden charges. No long term contracts. Cancel anytime policy.

How does it work? 

Subscribe to the unlimited graphic design service and get access to the dashboard. Login to dashboard here   

Once logged in, click on ‚ÄúCreate New Requests‚ÄĚ and fill in the design request¬†

Are Once the request is submitted and assigned, you will be able to converse with your account manager by going to View Request >> Assigned and clicking on the Chat Icon  (As shown below)

Once the request is delivered, you will be able to download the final files and the designer moves on to the next request in the queue. You may also have a look at the following demo 


Key features 

  • On-demand remote design team ‚Äď You need not worry about the turnaround time. Usually, simple requests are delivered within 24 to 48 hours. With DesignOye, you have your own remote design team working for you for 1/10th of what an inhouse graphic design resource would cost.¬†
  • Proprietary dashboard – All the communication happens via the proprietary dashboard built for the client interaction. The final creatives for design requests will be saved in your active account and you may download the same whenever you‚Äôd like. Additionally, you have complete ownership of all the creatives designed.¬†
  • Multiple revisions without any hidden charges ‚Äď Unlike freelancers and agencies,¬† does not charge any additional / hidden fees for revisions of the work done. You may ask for as many revisions as you‚Äôd like. However, please note that the designer can only move on to the next request in the queue once your assigned request is closed and delivered.¬†

Pricing Plans 

  • Standard Plan ($369 per month)¬†
  • Premium Plan ($999 per month)¬†

Standard (For individuals, solo entrepreneurs or small teams) $369.00 / month

  • Unlimited Design Projects¬†
  • 1 design request at a time
  • Unlimited Revisions¬†
  • Source Files (AI, PSD etc)¬†
  • Free stock photos¬†
  • 1 project at a time¬†
  • Cancel anytime¬†
  • Following graphic design types included¬†
    • Social Media Graphics¬†
    • Banner Ads¬†
    • Static Display Ads¬†
    • Email Banners¬†
    • Blog Banners¬†
    • Business Cards¬†
    • Flyers and Posters¬†
    • Brochures¬†
    • Catalogues¬†
    • Infographics¬†
    • Icons¬†
    • Podcast Graphics¬†
    • Event Graphics¬†
    • Ecommerce Graphics¬†
    • T-shirt Graphics¬†
    • Books and Ebook Covers¬†
    • Thumbnail Images¬†
    • Newsletters¬†
    • Stickers¬†
    • Menu Design¬†
    • Print Advertising¬†
    • Merchandise¬†

Smart Plan (For agencies and medium to large size businesses.) $569.00 / month

All Standard Plan features plus 

  • App designs
  • Website designs¬†


Premium Plan (For agencies and medium to large size businesses.) $999.00 / month 

All Smart Plan features plus 

  • 2 design requests at a time¬†
  • Dedicated Account Manager¬†
  • Logo designs¬†
  • Brand Guides¬†
  • Animated Gifs (upto 10 seconds)¬†
  • All Google Slides and Decks


You may have heard about Fiverr, the famous platform to find and hire freelancers online. Fiverr offers you various experts in graphic designing to get your business card design or the website design done. You will need to experiment with a few designers to check the quality of their work. 

Process of Hiring Graphic Designer from Fiverr: 

Following is the process to be followed while hiring a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr. 

  • Post a job listing on Fiverr which the freelancers will respond to.
  • Simply visit the profile of various freelancers. If their skillset meets your requirements, you may reach out to them.¬†

Key Features:

  • Freelancer‚Äôs Seller Level: There is a feature on Fiverr which highlights the seller level on the respective profiles of the freelancers. This will help you with identifying the best-rated graphic designers.
  • No Membership Fee: Fiverr doesn‚Äôt charge any kind of membership fee from its member. This makes it a¬† highly affordable and reliable platform. Moreover, it offers services at very minimal rates (starting from as low as $5 for a gig). However, you will rarely find quality graphic design work done for $5.¬†
  • Multiple Search Filters: Fiverr provides multiple search filters which will enable you to easily filter out the specifications or skills you would want the freelancers to have expertise in.¬†


  • At Fiverr, all the purchases have a $1 service fee for the work up to $40 and if the purchase is above $40, then the fee for the services is 5%.


Upwork is included in one of the top-rated and popular platforms for finding and hiring graphic designers online. 

Process of Hiring Graphic Designers on Upwork: 

There are two options to hire freelance graphic designers online on Upwork. 

  • Post a job listing on the site so that the freelancers can respond to your listing.¬†
  • Visit the freelancer‚Äôs profiles and reach out to the designer with your requirements.¬†

Key Features: 

  • Search Filters: Just like Fiverr, Upwork too has search filters. With this feature, you can identify the designers with the skillsets you require.¬†
  • Built-In Work Diary: Through the built-in work diary, you can track the number of hours that the freelancer spends on executing your project.¬†
  • Built-In Online Workspace: This feature can help you out in collaborating with your designer. Moreover, it will also help you in sharing the feedback for the work the designer has done for you.¬†

Pricing: There are three plans on Upwork for pricing. 

  • Basic (Free)¬†
  • Plus ($49.99/month)¬†
  • Business ($499/month)¬†

Basic (Free): This basic plan offers, 

  • 3 freelancers on each job post¬†
  • Safe payment options¬†
  • Transaction reporting¬†

Plus ($49.99/month): 

  • 15 freelancers on each job post¬†
  • Dedicated account management¬†
  • Advanced collaboration features¬†

Business ($499/month): 

  • Unlimited invites to the freelancers¬†
  • Premium customer support¬†
  • Advanced job post and talent sourcing tools¬†

Apart from these plans and the membership fee, Upwork charges a flat 3% processing fee on all the payments.


In order to hire freelance graphic designers online, you may visit Toptal, and hire the experienced designers that would meet your needs. 

Process of Hiring Graphic Designers On Toptal: 

  • Post a job listing with all the requirements mentioned.¬†
  • Once you have posted the job offer, an expert from the team of Toptal will reach out to you.¬†
  • The Toptal team will select and share the list of freelancers that meet your requirements.¬†
  • From the list of shortlisted freelancers, you may select one who has all the skills required to execute the design request¬†

Key Features: 

  • Hassle-free Way to get your Designer: As mentioned earlier, the Toptal team will select a few related freelancers for you. So, you will not have to waste your time in searching for a freelancer. The only con is you will have to rely on the selection done by the Toptal team member¬†


  • Once your project is started, you have to pay the freelancer according to his/her hourly rate. Additionally, at the start of your project, you would be required to deposit $500 which will be refunded after the completion of your work.


99designs also offers you various options to hire freelance graphic designers online. 

Process To Hire Graphic Designers Online From 99designs: 

  • Hiring process on 99designs includes,¬†
  • Submitting a brief project or note with all your requirements mentioned in it.¬†
  • Once you have submitted the project brief, it is sent to the designer who will submit their respective pitches / proposals.¬†
  • You are then required to select the one that completely fits your requirements.

 Key Features: 

  • Screening of Freelancers: All the freelancers on this platform are thoroughly screened so you may get the best possible content from them.¬†
  • Contests: There is an option of organizing design contests on 99designs, so you can choose a candidate based on the creativity¬†


On 99designs, there are three fixed-price membership packages. These are, 

  • Bronze: This package provides 30 design concepts for $199 a month.¬†
  • Silver: The silver package provides 60 design concepts for $299 a month.¬†
  • Gold: The gold package provides you 90 design concepts for $599 for a complete month.


With, you will be able to find full-time as well as part-time freelancers. 

Process Of Hiring Graphic Designer From 

  • Use the search filters to search for the freelancers that suit your requirements.¬†
  • Post a job listing so that the freelancers may respond.¬†
  • You can also conduct various contests on the website so that the freelancers can pitch their ideas. From their ideas, you can select the one that appeals to you.

Key Features: 

  • Designed Portfolio: There is a detailed designed portfolio on this site for each freelancer working there. You may skim through their portfolio to hire the freelancer who meets your design expectations¬†
  • Certification Exams: Certification exams are conducted to verify the skillsets of freelancers registered on the site¬†

Pricing: There are four different membership plans on this site. These plans are, 

  • Intro Plan: It offers 15 bids each month along with unlimited project bookmarks. All this for 0.99 per month.¬†
  • Basic Plan: This basic plan offers 50 bids each year with three highlighted contest entries and selecting the preferred freelancer for $4.95.¬†
  • Plus Plan: Plus plan provides you with 100 bids each month with daily withdrawal requests. 50 highlighted contests are also available in this plan under $9.95.¬†
  • Professional Plan: The professional plan offers 300 bids each month with 15 highlighted contest entries at $29.95. Premium freelancer insights are also included in this package.


Guru is another decent freelance platform to find and hire a graphic designer online. The process of selecting the designer on this platform is mentioned below. 

Process of Hiring Graphic Designer On Guru: 

Guru gives you two different ways to find the best graphic designers on its site. 

  • You can post a job listing on the job board. The interested candidates will respond to your job listing.¬†
  • Visit the profiles of freelancers and select the one who you feel would be best suited for your work.¬†

Key Features: 

  • Screening Process: Guru verifies the skills of each freelancer before they are featured on the site.¬†


  • If you want to join this freelance platform, you will not have to pay any membership fee.¬†
  • will charge only a 2.9% fee on each payment that is made through e-wallets and debit cards.


Dribbble is a freelance platform that allows clients to reach out to talented graphic designers directly. You can visit the portfolio of freelancers and can get in touch with the one you want to hire.

Process of Hiring A Graphic Designer On Dribbble:

  • You have to submit a project brief to the team of Dribbble.
  • The team will then go through your post and will suggest a few freelancers who they feel would be best suited for the design request
  • You may select one from the shortlisted freelancers and receive a quote from him/her

Key Features:

  • Built-In Communication Channel: There is a built-in communication channel through which you can interact with your freelancers.


  • The starting rate at this platform is $99 for the support from the team Dribbble.


From the platforms discussed above, you can now hire and find freelance graphic designers online in a hassle-free way. 

Select one of the above platforms and hire a talented graphic designer that meets all of your requirements. 

  • If however, you decide to give, an oppotunity to serve you, all you have to do is follow the 3 steps as below: 
  • Purchase your subscription here 
  • Create a Project 
  • Review and Share Feedback 
  • Download the final approved creative

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